Vegetarian Wisdom

Thank you for visiting our site. Each week, I will include abstracts of peer-reviewed, respected, medical articles concerning health benefits and challenges of a vegetarian diet. As a vegetarian for humanitarian reasons, I find a life path of non-violence, non-abundance and merciful living to be the path of choice. However, as a physician, I will strive to bring to you medical articles that discuss health aspects of vegetarian lifestyles objectively and honestly, so you will feel confident in making your own choices.


As a life-long vegetarian and as a physician, I hold great respect for both human and non-human innocent life. I also value the principles that have permitted us to live in peace and safety on our planet. Having practiced as an Obstetrician-Gynecologist, I was able to witness the entrance of over 4,500 new lives onto our planet.  And, also, as an Anatomic Pathologist, I was able to gain understanding as to the miracle of human health, and the paths that lead us to return to the infinite flow of time and space.

Because I believe so strongly that all life has meaning, I embarked upon a study of ancient philosophies, seeking the Wisdom of those Sages, who believed similarly. This led me to a Masters  in Theology and PhD in Eastern Religion & Philosophy. It was there that I discovered those wise souls –  whose humble thoughts were hidden within the scriptures and pages of humanity’s ancient past.

Through this simple site, I hope to use my abilities as a physician and an Eastern Religion philosopher –  to bring meaningful medical vegetarian teachings to you. My vegetarian values are aligned with those of Mahatma Gandhi (Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi), in two foundational beliefs:

I) Any part of our lifestyle done with excess and abundance – is an an act of violence that harms some aspect of creation.
II) Taking the lives of other beings, merely to consume their flesh,  is an act of such unnecessary abundance – that it cannot help but inflict unnecessary harm upon some aspect of creation –  the animals, our planet, and ourselves.

It’s all so simple!

Accordingly, the foundation of my vegetarian beliefs include the virtues of, “non-violence, non-abundance, and merciful living.” In this simple site, I will use my abilities as a physician to triage Medical Journals, and bring meaningful vegetarian articles to you. I have no quest to “medically prove” that being vegetarian is superior – for I learned decades ago that the tides of medical “truisms” ebb and flow with the winds of medical fashion.  I am just seeking to help you find relevant medical vegetarian articles to support your own beliefs that living without inflicting  fear, pain, and murder upon innocent beings – is not harmful to you, your family, or life on this planet.

Several books from our publishing company, AnjeliPress.com, express our vegetarian-nonviolent values. and can be obtained through Amazon.com.

I share my wishes for a happy, healthy and peace-filled vegetarian life with all of you,

Holly Harlayne Roberts DO, PhD